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    About Our Institution

    Pranav International CBSE School in Hyderabad is an institution that strives to carve out significant students who become budding citizens of the Country. The School has been constantly updating its infrastructure and academic needs from time to time to cater to modern requirements.

    Our teachers, administration and other staff work in synchrony to provide the students with a lucrative environment that enables them to perform at their best. Our achievements and milestones are indicative of our sheer hard work and goodwill.

    The international school in Hyderabad follows the CBSE curricula that trains the students with a strong base overall major concepts that prove to be the basis for their future academic aspirations. Our persistent aim is not just to educate young students but to also instil values that motivate them to become the change-makers of tomorrow.
    Learning has to be accompanied by extracurricular activities that generate interest in the students. We provide basic training in activities like skating, karate, dancing, yoga and swimming. These contribute to the holistic development of the child.

    We, at Pranav International School, having created a multifaceted environment of academia and extracurricular activities, assure your child that extra edge over their contemporaries.

    pranav international school school building

    We strive to realize every student's potential; make them life long skilled learners and caring future citizens.


    We create future citizens and leaders who are empowered to make right choices through right values, skills and knowledge to make a positive contribution to the global society.



    Change is the only constant in today's highly competitive world. Knowledge and practical skills together form the cornerstone of success for children in this technologically advanced age. Adaptability is another key factor that figures in prominently to achieve one's goals. Pranav International School is one of the best international schools in Hyderabad CBSE School and aims at transforming students into lifelong learners. The infrastructure, faculty and the teaching methodologies practised by the School help the students to become independent thinkers and learners while enabling them to reach the highest standards set. The objective and purpose of the school is to allow children a fair amount of freedom and fun while learning in-depth in a stress-free environment.

    Mr. Y. Srinivas Goud


    The human mind is capable of incredible things and education is the right path to mould such a mind into a powerhouse of knowledge. Our universe today revolves around math, physics, biology, languages, chemistry and each subject contributes a unique aspect to the world we live in. Growth of the overall personality is the key element that shapes the society into a chain of human beings who are intelligent, entrepreneurial and energetic. This energy translates into progress and progress means success in diverse fields. The ever expanding knowledge base means ever expanding opportunities for the right and bright minds. At Pranav International School, a cbse school in hyderabad, the overall emphasis is on nurturing the child into a contributor in future by paving the right foundation.

    Mr. Pranav Goud



    Every day we hear, see and cherish some exciting, fun filled and enriching learning moments in the school experienced by the young Pranavians. I am very glad to share these moments. It has been our aim to instill in students, the ability and conviction to realize their full potential and excel anywhere in the world. With that objective, we try to provide the student with a varied classroom and beyond classroom experiences. From our progressive educational approach, and the unique activity-based curriculum, to the commitment and passion in our teachers, the atmosphere at Pranav International School, a cbse school in Hyderabad, is what I had visualized - a student centric, stimulating, stress free, self disciplined and creative.

    Dr. Anju Pandey Gupta

    Why Choose Our Institution

    Our Institution provides your child with the best facilities, faculty and an all-round approach that moulds the child's personality and intellect.

    Skilled Faculty

    Our Teachers are well-trained and experienced in their respective field of study which ensures that the student receives the best training.