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  • Motto

    Our main motto is to provide "Stress-free quality education" to all our students. We strive for what we call the 5 c's: Character, Concentration, Confidence, Commitment and Communication.

    Our way is the fun way

    Our approach to learning lets students enjoy education in a stress-free manner. Pranav International School in Hyderabad leads these young minds to become budding intellectuals and change-makers of tomorrow.

    Beyond Academics

    Student growth is assured not only in the classroom but also in activities outside. These extra-curricular activities help children learn precious lessons of sportsmanship, social bonding and teamwork.

    Welcome to Pranav International School

    About Us

    Pranav International CBSE School in Hyderabad is an institution that strives to carve out significant students who become budding citizens of the Country. The School has been constantly updating its infrastructure and academic needs from time to time to cater to modern requirements.

    Our teachers, administration and other staff work in synchrony to provide the students with a lucrative environment that enables them to perform at their best.

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