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    Primary Education

    Primary Education PranavInternationalSchool

    Pranav International School, one of the best primary schools in Hyderabad, gives ample importance to primary education.
    The initial stages of academic learning are made fun and interesting for the children to pursue. Our practices lead students to shed their inhibitions and learn with a free mind. Giving the child such assurance paves way for them to smoothly transition from one stage to the next stage of learning.
    Our teaching methodology at this stage inculcates a blend of academic and activity-based learning.This ensures that students learn and have a thorough grasp of the concepts and retain it for a longer period of time.

    The activity-based approach is a tried and tested method that deeply influences learning processes positively. Assessment at this level is not formal.
    The children are given activity-based assignments to check the retention of the concepts taught. At this level, we emphasize more on experiential learning. Our aim is to prepare the children to read, write and practice basic concepts of mathematics and science. Language learning is also given ample importance. Learning the language ensures that students become capable of understanding any given concept. We also develop life skills like self-control and inner discipline in the students through apt guidance and communication.

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    Primary Education class

    Primary school education is a very crucial stage. Therefore, in one of the efficient primary schools in Hyderabad, extreme care is taken to ensure that students get into the habit of learning so that they can grasp all important concepts in the years of academic learning that lie ahead. Primary teaching is another aspect the department takes good care of. Teachers at this stage are trained and qualified to take care of the child’s Intelligence Quotient development and ensure that the overall learning process is purposeful.