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    Nursery and Pre-Primary Education

    Pre-Primary at PranavInternationalSchool

    Pre-primary school is the first significant phase of your child making his/her way into a new environment. We give them the right nurturing and understand their sensitivities. Our aim is to ensure they express themselves to the fullest and spread their wings and fly high into their academic life.
    In terms of skills, the pre-primary school section lays stress on language, phonetics, conversing, learning spellings and other allied skills that are essential.
    We recognize that we need to make them independent for their near future. Skills do not include practical skills alone but also the initiation of life skills.
    As an educational institution, we understand that the child at this stage is like wet clay, we can mould him/her to bring out their hidden talents and abilities.

    We, therefore, create an environment that enables them to freely express themselves and that initiates them to the life of academia and extracurricular activities with values they’ll cherish for life.
    We are one of the best preschools in Hyderabad. Exercise of practical learning prepares the children to face the challenges of everyday life and helps in building concentration. Various celebrations in the school and round-the-year activities allow self-expression, experimentation and questioning; thereby developing a scientific temper.
    There is a perfect balance of activities that ensures that the child benefits in all aspects of education. Our pre-primary classes are exclusive in their approach and practice.

    pre-primary classes
    pre-primary education

    Understanding child psyche, accessing their needs is core to our pre-primary education practices. Students start their academic journey at this stage and hence it is very crucial to make the roots of their academic experience robust, meaningful and gratifying.
    Pranav International School, one of the significant preschools in Hyderabad, provides your children that extra edge that makes them so confident and vibrant that they welcome their future education processes which thereby leads them to perform to the best of their abilities and shine in their future endeavours.