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    Student-Teacher rapport the core of the academic experience

    Students are new to every concept that they are introduced to. The teacher paves the way for them to smoothly reach a stage where it is all well-stored and understood.
    A student might dislike equations but the maths teacher makes him/her fall in love with numbers. That is the kind of rapport and impact the teacher has on academic experience and possibly the reason for students to learn better and become responsible citizens later.
    This rapport is also foundational for building student personality, teaching them how to behave, counselling them on their attitude and much more.
    Our faculty at Pranav International School, have been trained to focus on teaching students skills that prove to be life hacks in situations that demand a robust attitude and will power. Rapport building is key to our approach.
    The sensitivity of this rapport is often underestimated therefore, it is important that every student irrespective of performance, talent or gender is given the same level of attention and is a part of this rapport which brings a change in their life.
    It is often proven that a student tends to dislike a subject if he is afraid of the teacher and similarly the same student can fall in love with the subject if the teachers created that passion and love for the subject in the student’s mind.
    After all, teaching is all about academic nourishment and training. We respect and take pride to have created an environment that makes positive rapport possible.