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    Coping with academics post COVID 19

    COVID-19 has shook literally every aspect of humanity. Academics has suffered its fair share of crisis. In that school education alone has been facing challenges for which new methods and new solutions are being continuously executed. Even though many schools are opening up, especially for the higher grades, it is very essential that we understand the new challenges we are posed with in these unpredictable times.
    Pranav International School, for instance abided by online education practices to meet up to student expectations and cater to their to academic requirements. The campus was kept constantly sanitized and prepared so that the minimal staff that attend operate in hygienic conditions.The best way to cope with academics would be to make complete use of online platforms, talk to your teachers about your doubts and difficulties, have Whatsapp groups with like-minded peers or educationalists and have subject related discussions that help in your exam preparation. Brainstorming with peers has proven to be very beneficial for memory retention.
    Students with board exams round the corner have an added challenge but they should remember that it is not the time to give in but to build the courage and have the right approach towards your study. The 10th standard students should remember that they have been given formal school training for over a decade. When your basics are strong, you can be confident that with the right planning you can crack your examinations with the best results.